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In 1970 the League of Women Voters began to study the possibility of an agency in Montgomery County to serve youth and their families in preventing juvenile delinquency. By September 1971, the Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau, Inc. (YSB) was in existence, with the active support of the Circuit Court. The YSB now serves more than 4,000 youth


Costs & Funding

The Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau has many sources of funding.  We receive generous support from the Montgomery County Community Foundation, Montgomery County United Fund, businesses, churches and individual donors.  The YSB also receives local funding, state funding and a variety of grants.  All of these sources of funding make our programming for youth possible. 

Mission Statement

The Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau empowers children/youth to become responsible citizens through delinquency prevention, community education, youth advocacy, direct services and information and referral.

Vision Statement

Our Vision at the Youth Service Bureau is to strive for a community where all children and youth are respected, nurtured and protected.

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