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REINdear (Reaching Everyone in Need) has been around since 2003. Our mission is to coordinate community efforts to support children who would normally do without during the Christmas season. Several community agencies, including all three local school systems, the Department of Children’s Services, the Youth Service Bureau, the Family Crisis Shelter, and several volunteers, were frustrated with the fact that families were put on multiple lists for assistance with Christmas gifts. This group worked together to stream line the list of families in need and the process of gift giving. We facilitate the collection and disbursement of Christmas presents between the donors and the families. With he generous support of our community, we are able to help approximately 1,200 children in Montgomery County each year.

Each year schools and other community organizations assist us by getting request for help forms out to families. REINdear then keeps a database of names and information about the children and families who need help this Christmas season. This database includes the children’s age, size, favorite color, interests, as well as a list of needs and wants. It is our hope that any individual, church, business, or organization wishing to assist a family (or families) in need will allow us to lend a hand by providing the names and information of the children that need assistance.

There is a $2.00 per child application fee. All money collected will be put in a scholarship fund. 

For more information contact Cameron Cole at or 362-0694 #114

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